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    Dear Ms. Chadwick,

    I see alot about what you used to do for East County, but i don’t see any platform for what you plans to do for this district, besides battle Duncan Hunter. Can you tell us why you are ‘the candidate’ for us?

    Thank you
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    I was wondering if a 50th Congressional District candidates debate was being considered. I think it would be a great opportunity for the community. Please let me know if one is in the works. If not planned yet, what organization, in your opinion, would be best to host?


    Diane Oliver
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    Dear Gloria,

    I am contacting you because we are recruiting candidates to run for office on our anti-corruption contract. Our contract offers your campaign significant benefits. You will enjoy increased visibility through the Candidates With A Contract website where you can manage your own page to introduce yourself, explain your positions on policy issues, and link to your campaign’s website. By joining our non-partisan, anti-corruption movement, your constituents will know that you are someone they can trust. The anti-corruption movement has gained widespread popularity amongst nearly all voters and will provide you a broad base of support.

    By signing the contract, you agree to champion legislation supporting publicly-funded elections in addition to anti-corruption, transparency, and accountability measures. To learn more, please visit our website at

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Gloria,

    I was searching online for opponents of Duncan Hunter for the 2018 ballot and I found your website. I was going to recommend Emily’s List but I see that someone else beat me to it. I think they wold be a great resource and ally for you. I want your campaign to be more visible because I want you to succeed!

    Best of luck from one RN to another!
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    I am reaching out to make sure you’re aware of a raft of possible resources that could be useful for your campaign.

    Many women seeking higher office have found Emily’s List to offer invaluable support.

    Sen. Gillibrand’s Off The Sidelines campaign not only offers support, but also provides a directory of other organizations that support women candidates.

    Emerge America is a newer organization that similarly supports women in CA.

    Tech for Campaigns can connect you with volunteers to provide tech assistance.

    Rep. Gabby Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC heavily invested in Senator Hassan’s campaign and is looking to support more candidates who back sensible gun control policies.

    21st Century Democrats supports progressives nation wide; they backed Gillibrand since she was a Congresswoman.

    Our Revolution has a massive email list to solicit support from and a very straightforward endorsement form.

    Democracy For America also endorses candidates and offers support in fundraising, field organizing, and mobilization.

    The PCCC offers a range of tools and resources.

    Wellstone offers immediately available resources, with additional support for worthy candidates.

    The NCEC will provide you with data on the past election results in your district down to the precinct level.

    314 Action supports candidates with STEM backgrounds.

    You may also qualify for support from Ocean Champions.

    Best of luck!
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    Dear Ms. Chadwick, I was at the Hunter event and heard your announcement that you are running for the 50th district. I would love to know more about where you stand on many of the critical issues today. Have you any position papers? (health care, Russia, immigration, refugees, education, etc., etc., etc.) I live in San Marcos and am active in Indivisible NSDC.